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Water activated paints should be sealed off quickly with a film of a professional grade sealer. If water is allowed to come in contact with these paints, it will react with the gel coat and allow it to crack. Sealers can be used dry, wet, or with heat. A UV light is used for setting the sealer with water activated paints. Antifouling paints can also be applied to surfaces where substances like salt or algae are present. These paints prevent buildup and allow for extended wear.

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Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to creating crackle effects. It takes experience and trial and error to create a great finish. These three methods should allow you to find some great tutorials and a couple of new recipes to try out.

Here are a couple of useful tips to help you learn how to apply crackle effects. A great tip is to master the use of stipple sponges, a great paintbrush, and a heat gun. There is a wide range of uses for stipple sponges; they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be used on paper, metal, glass, textured surfaces, and even walls. Using a heat gun is similar to using a hair dryer on your hair. But instead of just blowing out the hot air, you want to target the areas that you want the paint to crackle.

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